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Rater Practice Demonstration


Thank you for your interest in the CATME system. This is a simulated exercise that will give you a sense of how the CATME Peer Evaluation instrument appears to students. If you wish to view the faculty interface, simply request a new faculty account.

On the next screen you will be shown the descriptions for three members of a hypothetical team. You will then be given the opportunity to use the CATME Peer Evaluation instrument to rate each of the team members. In the actual CATME Peer Evaluation instrument, there is also be a column for self-evaluation. At the end of the survey, you will be shown how your ratings compare to the expected ratings, based on the original descriptions. You may move back and forth using the arrows on the navigation bar above, by clicking on any active section of the navigation bar or by using the buttons. Note that you may review the original description of each team member by moving your mouse over that team member's name.

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