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Team Descriptions

Remember that you will be able to view any of these descriptions during the activity simply by rolling your mouse over each student's name.

Rowan Allen
Performs a significant amount of work on assignments. Does fair share of the work, but generally not above and beyond the fair share. Does not give feedback on a problem unless someone else addresses a concern first. Identifies weaknesses in the team's developments. Listens to everyone's opinions. Boosts team morale by complimenting members on their work. Communicates high expectations with regard to the quality of assignments. Invests time to ensure the team is doing the job well. Learned computer skills required for the assignment so the team could complete the task. Uses relevant math skills.
Shea Smith
Reminds team of deadlines to help encourage the completion of tasks. Creates goals to help the team monitor its progress. Shows little concern about the team's performance on assignments. Closed-minded regarding others' ideas. Uses computer skills to help solve some problems. Able to contribute to all assignments because of an unusually strong understanding of the required mathematical knowledge and skills. Adds input to the team assignments. Always offers ideas about how to complete tasks, no matter what the task is.
Drew Thompson
Uses computer skills to help solve some problems. Relies on extensive computer skills to complete team assignments. Helps the team think of issues that have been overlooked. Sets internal deadlines to push the team to complete goals effectively. Actively listens to others' opinions and ideas of how things should be done. Displays a negative attitude towards anything that the team does. Ignores errors in the work and suggests that it is ok to submit as is without fixing errors. Identifies solutions for issues that no one else is able to address. Turns in acceptable, but not outstanding, work.

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