Comprehensive Assessment of Team Member Effectiveness

Team Descriptions

Remember that you will be able to view any of these descriptions during the activity simply by rolling your mouse over each student's name.

Carson Garcia
Makes statements indicating a greater concern for just getting done rather than ensuring a quality job. Encourages the team members to stay on the tasks. Distracts the other team members by talking about topics that have nothing to do with the task. Does not try to learn the skills needed to complete the task. Completes the required mathematical operations due to having the expected mathematical skills for this course. Does fair share of the work, but generally not above and beyond the fair share. Sits idly in team meetings. Involves everyone in discussions. Respects other team members' opinions.
Chase Hall
Ensures that things get done by asking if each member understands the tasks that they need to accomplish. Creates goals to help the team monitor its progress. Respects other team members' opinions. Often encourages teammates' thoughts and opinions. Always volunteers to perform additional work as needed. Does an equal share of the work. Applies previous knowledge of computer programs to tasks. Relies on extensive computer skills to complete team assignments. Shows little concern about the team's performance on assignments.
Harley Hill
Routinely late to team meetings. Does an equal share of the work. Takes the initiative to make sure everyone makes it to the meetings and gets their work done. Encourages the team members to stay on the tasks. Accomplishes tasks quickly by using extensive knowledge base. Uses computer skills to help solve some problems. Communicates high expectations with regard to the quality of assignments. Invests time to ensure the team is doing the job well. Respects other team members' opinions. Boosts team morale by complimenting members on their work.

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