Team Descriptions

Remember that you will be able to view any of these descriptions during the activity simply by rolling your mouse over each student's name.

Rowan Johnson
Seeks input from team members that haven't voiced ideas yet. Actively listens to others' opinions and ideas of how things should be done. Generates ideas that help the team. Completes all assigned tasks on time. Demonstrates outstanding mathematics skills. Uses relevant math skills. Does not mention problems right away, but later comments about having noticed those issues. Encourages the team members to stay on the tasks. Questions things to ensure that processes are the best they can be. Encourages team to check work for errors.
Parker King
Stubbornly disagrees with the team's decisions if not aligned with own ideas. Applies previously gained programming knowledge to complete tasks. Does not try to learn the skills needed to complete the task. Does not follow up with team members about tasking to ensure understanding. Helps the team think of issues that have been overlooked. Puts in more effort than any other member of the team. Completes all assigned tasks on time. Encourages team to check work for errors. Encourages the team to do better than it normally would.
Sidney Martin
Always volunteers to perform additional work as needed. Completes all assigned tasks on time. Encourages the team to achieve its highest potential. Accomplishes tasks quickly by using extensive knowledge base. Applies previous knowledge of computer programs to tasks. Boosts team morale by complimenting members on their work. Communicates well with the other team members. Finds a way to get the team back on track regardless of what else is occurring. Ensures that things get done by asking if each member understands the tasks that they need to accomplish.

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