CATME Overview

Welcome to CATME!

The Comprehensive Assessment of Team Member Effectiveness (CATME) is a web-based program designed for use in higher education to promote SMARTER Teamwork among teams. CATME prepares students to function effectively in teams and supports faculty as they manage their students' team experiences. This is done through our CATME Tools, which are supported by the literature on teamwork and training, along with independent empirical research.

For more information on the research work that CATME has done, please visit our Research page, our Publications page, and Product Reviews/Editorials page.

What CATME Offers

CATME functions by offering 3 tools that help guide students to succeed in teamwork:


Assigns students to teams using instructor-specified criteria selected from a list of questions or written by the instructor.


Helps students confidentially evaluate their team members’ performance using a scientifically-backed peer rating system that incorporates custom questions and optional peer-to-peer written comments.


Evaluates and provides feedback on students' ability to rate accurately. CATME also offers a Demo Rater-Practice if you wish to test the tool without having an account.

For more information on the above tools, please refer to the teamwork training page.

End-User License Agreement

By using CATME, you agree to follow certain terms of use. Please visit our End-User License Agreement document for more information. This document can also be found on

Data Protection Information

For questions about how CATME keeps your and your students' data safe, please visit our Data Confidentiality page.

See more information in technical documentation.
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